About Us

Founded on the principal that a clear space is a clear mind, SPRUCED believes organization and order in your home will lead to a more productive, more focused and less stressed you. Whether it’s closets bulging with old or never worn clothes, a pantry brimming with expired food or seldom used appliances or simply stacks of clutter pervading your home, SPRUCED will help to clear your space and ultimately your mind.

Deemed “Nancy Neat” by her peers growing up, Virginia Wilkinson draws heavily on her past experience as property manager of upscale, luxury residential buildings for more than nine years in downtown Chicago. There she was constantly challenged with helping people maximize the use of small spaces. She was also tasked with staging apartments for marketing to prospective residents.

SPRUCED recognizes the need for an individualized approach tailored to the needs of each client. Every project begins with a complimentary 30-minute consultation, where Virginia will explore problem areas and discuss your goals. From here, she devises a custom plan, which includes purging (always looking to recycle and donate where possible) and then reorganizing the remaining items. She realizes the importance of developing a system,
which is sustainable by each client, once the project is complete.

While mindful that not everyone shares her passion for organizing, Virginia strives to keep the process minimally invasive and even painless, if possible. Clients can rest assured that the working relationship is 100% confidential. In addition, SPRUCED is available for many services, including personal assistance, relocation, senior transition, staging, and more.

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