Virginia staged our house for us for an Open House while we were out of town. She bought fresh plants, air fresheners and re-arranged messy cabinets and closets. She is a godsend and knows exactly what to do. I wish she could move in with us! 
 Elizabeth S.

Virginia has helped me in so many ways! She is incredibly organized and resourceful, and is super fun to work with! She works quickly, efficiently and really understands what I am looking for and need.  She has helped me clean out and organize our attic, pantries, play room, laundry room and other storage areas. She helped me set up a new guest room and a nursery for a new baby and has planned and helped with multiple birthday parties—her party favors are awesome. I don’t know what I would do without her!!!
 Katie L.

Virginia is a miracle worker! I have a fairly large pantry, which of course causes you to store way too many things. Virginia was able to not only organize my food items, but helped me get rid of all the unnecessary things I had been storing for years and never used. My pantry is now a place I walk into and feel happy about what is in there. It’s amazing how having my pantry organized has changed my attitude about cooking and made it so much more enjoyable. Thank you, Virginia!!!  
Katherine W.

Virginia has organized multiple closets in my home. What would have been a daunting task became a truly pleasant experience. Virginia is a tenacious worker, never stopping until the project is complete, even going as far as disposing of unwanted items and making runs to Goodwill. She is assisting with an upcoming party, multitasking with food presentation and organization, table arrangements, and indoor/outdoor decorations—all things testament to her creativity. Every project becomes stress-free when she’s involved. Barbara M.

Over the last year, Virginia has been an enormous help to me. She worked tirelessly assisting me with a giant residential move and coordinated, organized and held an estate sale. She worked with much energy and focushonestly, there is no way I could have accomplished this task without her!!!! She is fast, thorough and does it all with style!!!! I highly recommend that you treat yourself to Spruced!!! 
Susan O.

We are so thrilled with our home since it has been Spruced. In a few days we managed to combine my husband’s, mine and old family items into a home that had been filled with boxes through a renovation. It is refreshing to know where everything belongs and to be able to easily access it. Everything from family mementos, linens, clothes, utility items, etc are all finally in their place. What a breath of fresh air the weekends are around our home now. 
Katie B

Your Life Spruced was a tremendous asset when I moved. My apartment was a mess, my closets were worse and as a full-time physician, I had no time or energy to deal with interior design. Virginia transformed my apartment into a home. From organizing, to purchasing furniture to decorating, she did it all. I highly recommend her for all your organizing needs and more!
Dieadra G.

Virginia is amazing! My living room was a room we never used because it just wasn’t very inviting. Virginia rearranged the furniture, made suggestions on new furniture and decorations and now we use it every day! She also organized my pantry and closets and completely transformed them. After Virginia is finished with any area of your house, you will never feel the same about it! 
Jennifer W.

Virginia turned my chaos and clutter into neat, organized perfection. Her ability to work quickly and with so much energy was worth every penny!  
Ann B.

I had a “nag” list with some items dating several years back, which I could not seem to get around to tackling. In working with her on many organizational projects around my home, I realized she was the person to help me get through my list. And before I knew it, the list was no more, and my house was in order on top of it. When I asked Virginia what I would do with myself after having completed it all, she simply replied “Go and enjoy life!” Enough said.
Barb F.

Virginia is my miracle worker! She went through my home and tackled rooms and closets that had been overwhelming to me. She is quick and efficient! Virginia helped me make decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to toss. All of my confusion has been sorted, contained, labeled and organized logically and beautifully!
Anne G.

Virginia makes the impossible possible! In just a few days, she and I worked together to completely clean out and thoughtfully organize our jam-packed attic. That attic is now ready to function as a gracious guest area. Best of all, the space is also serving as an ample storage zone and I now know exactly where to find everything under the sunfrom treasured memorabilia to holiday decorations! Virginia is a miracle worker! A genuine breath of fresh air, has a spectacular sense of humor and can handle any mess you can throw her way!
Charlotte P.